Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We are leading Visa and Immigration Consultants and take pride in our perfect documentation which assures you a visa of your choice to a country of your choice. Our success rate runs close to 100% as we are qualified visa related law consultant specializing in Visa, Immigration, Appeal and Administrative Review matters, having top level expertise and extensive experience. Our highly professional approach and a crisp documentation fetches us success in most matters we undertake as Visa Consultant.

Immigration laws, visa rules and Appeal / Administrative Review procedures of any country are daunting, complex and ever-changing. Only a few visa consultants are ever equipped to navigate the entire process alone. Besides, ever-changing Laws, Rules and Procedures – which are largely dictated by economic and political state of any country – require visa consultants to stay abreast of the latest. That's why a qualified visa consultant having legal background makes all the difference. 

There are many different tactics and strategies a Visa Consultant has to consider for approvals and we as expert know them very well. We also prepare you for a visa interview where it is mandatory. While no one can ever guarantee that a Visa may actually be granted to any applicant, our superior knowledge & vast experience enhances the success rate dramatically.

Personal involvement and ongoing communication are the hallmarks of our personalized visa consultancy services - you always know what's happening. Our overseas visa consultancy resources help us keep abreast of changes in Immigration Laws, Rules and Procedures, ensuring no unpleasant surprises to you. We always verify the latest visa related laws, rules, requirements, procedures and fees etc before taking any action.

We as visa consultant are easily accessible from anywhere in the world – e-mail & phone, even after you have migrated abroad – to offer our continued visa consultancy services to you. 

We charge fair, fixed fees for our visa consultancy services – there are no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs. And these fees as well as payment plans are explained at the time of our taking up the case.

We do UK Student Visas and Administrative Review matters for British (UK) Visas very efficiently and successfully. We have 100% success rate in all matters we have undertaken so far.

Our sound knowledge of latest Visa related Laws and Rules framed by the Government Authorities and Tribunals in countries where Appeal and / or Administrative Review system is in vogue, puts our Clients on a firm footing and we succeed without our client having to engage any foreign based visa consultant / expert / lawyer / solicitor abroad. This results in enormous convenience as well as savings to our Clients. 

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